A self-paced 5-week program to jump start your blog business!!

From DREAM to BLOG in just 5 weeks.

BAP- Accelerator is NOW available on demand!!

In Blogging Accelerator Program- ACCELERATOR you are going to build your blog in just 5 weeks... you CAN do this.

Learn How to Become a Blogger

BAP- ACCELERATOR is designed to get you started on building your blog biz NOW!

The Blogging Accelerator Program- ACCELERATOR gives you everything you need to build your website, learn how to build traffic, and get articles up on the blog!

This program is 100% self-study... but you will have access to the replay of live calls from two different cohort as an added bonus! There are so many gems in these calls.


What's Included?!

  • Lifetime access 5-week online course ($4,997 value)

  • On-demand Group Call Replays (value $1,997)

  • BAP Blog Builder course & workbook (value $997)

  • Blog Business Starter Checklist (value $97)

  • Tracking and Strategy Spreadsheets (value $497)

  • Coaching Workbook & Journal (value $97)

  • 75+ Resources to Save You Time & Money (value $197)

  • Blog Audit Checklist (value $497)

  • Tools, Templates, and Resources ($1,997 value)

  • Affiliate Program (value $2,997)

  • Credit to Roll in Investment to BAP-Platinum (value $997)

  • BONUS: Beyond the 9 to 5 Coaching Course (value $2,000)



Kind Words from our BAP-Accelerator Students!

More Details on What is Included!

Tools & Templates

Tools & templates designed to help you on your journey, including: Program Guide, Business Starter Checklist, Website Starter Checklist, Blog Builder Workbook, Blog Tracker Spreadsheet, Keyword Research Strategy Tool, Financial Tracking Worksheet, HARO Email Template, Log-In Tracking Worksheet, Webpage Templates, 5-Strategies to Free Up Time, 75+ Resources to Save Time and Money, Blog Audit Checklist, etc.


Blogging Accelerator Program- ACCELERATOR Course

Enjoy lifetime access to this self-paced 5-week program to jump start your blog biz! Go from DREAM to BLOG in just 5 week. The time to start is now.

Beyond the 9-5

Coaching Course

A coaching course designed to get you beyond the 9 to 5 and have the career you’ve always wanted. You will become laser focused as you start the side hustle of your dreams, leaving the course with a specific action plan tailored for you and your dreams.


Blogging Accelerator Program- Blog

Builder Course

In this course, Katie walks you how she built her websites using Google Domains, Site Ground, Word Press, and Astra. Complete with a workbook to help you in creating your own blog.

On-demand Group Call Replays

This course is 100% self-study... but you will have access the recordings to 7 weekly group calls from two different cohorts (12 calls total!)- you can watch the videos as if you are joining the group live OR dig through them for all of the gems and bonus information!


What are Students Saying?


From Newbie to Blogger

It's time to move up the Blogging Accelerator Pyramid! While blogging is a long term game, this ACCELERATED program will help you ascend quickly to start building your blog business NOW!!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the Program For?

This program is for anyone who wants to make income online through blogging. We primarily focus on healthcare professionals and students... Dietitians, Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, etc.

How Much Time does it Take to Complete the Program?

You have lifetime access to the course. Plan to spend 5-7 hours per week for the duration of the program. To have a successful blog business you will need to continue dedicating time to your blog and income building activities long after the course ends. Blogging is a side hustle that requires time and energy to make it work. We recommend posting blog articles weekly to build a successful blog.

How is the ACCELERATOR program different from Blogging Accelerator Program?

Blogging Accelerator Program is our exclusive high-end program that includes course work, live monthly calls, community, and an accountability program. This program has been modified to 3 different programs... all are a part of Blogging Accelerator Program (BAP) brand. (1) BAP- Blog Builder helps you build the blog (included in this program), (2) BAP-Accelerator helps you get started and build the traffic, and (3) BAP- Platinum helps you to build the income!

Why Did You Create BAP-Accelerator?

I asked and listened. So many of you WANT to start a blog biz NOW. But you aren't ready for the financial (and time!) commitment of Blogging Accelerator Program. After polling my audience I realized they wanted a lower-price, self-paced program so they can get started with their blogging dreams. I created this program to give you everything you need to get clarity in your niche, build a website, learn SEO tactics, come up with a blog list to write articles from (so you don't have to overthink what to write about!), and you'll wrap up the program with posting your first blog article. You will not only START, but you'll have the skill set to build massive traffic to your blog. A beta version of this program ran in Spring of 2023 and it was a success, so now it's being rolled out on a larger scale!

When Does the Program Start?

This is not a live program. It is completely self-study which means you can start as soon as you want... or whenever you want. You will have lifetime access to the course and access to the replays of calls in previous live launches.

Are There Payment Plans?

Yes!! I listened to you all and I understand capital up from can be an issue. I have payment plans starting as low as $105 per month to help you get started now.

Are There CPEUS

No, continuing education credits are not provided.